#Shocking: Dead Woman ‘Parties’ At Her Own Funeral When Daughter Props Up Her Corpse At A Table

When a loved one passes away, we grieve them but also celebrate his or her life to varying degrees. While there may be a lot of tears at one funeral, at others there can be a lot of laughs.

But rarely can we say that the deceased individual would have enjoyed his or her own funeral.

This is what the family of a woman named Miriam Burbank said in 2014, when she passed away. The mother’s send-off was unlike any other: she was there to witness her guests ‘party’ in her honor, in front of her.

Miriam’s daughter thought the most fitting farewell for her mom would be one where she could be her stylish self. So, with the help of the funeral home, she had her mom dressed up and propped up in a chair, seated at a dining table. In her hands, there was a menthol cigarette and a tall glass of Busch’s beer.

Friends and the rest of Miriam’s family all agree that the deceased woman would have been on board with the idea before her passing. It was very much her style: they say that attending the funeral was almost like walking into her home.

It may be an unusual way to say goodbye, but this isn’t the first time people have chosen to be remembered this way.

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