His Eminence,                                
Most Rev. Bishop Nicholas Okoh,
Anglican Communion,


Your Eminence, Peace profound.

I write you this letter, for the following reasons with the Love of God in my heart:

(1) In response to a petition written to the EFCC and I attach a copy.

(2) (a) As the saying goes “in God’s case no appeal”. Being the Primate of the Anglican Communion you are the representative of God and where humans fail God takes control.

(b) Yes, there is no reason to compare you with mere mortals like myself, but kindly permit me to state that Dr. Okowa and yourself are Anglicans and also you are both of the Owa Clan and therefore, one can reasonably assume that Dr. Okowa may listen to you irrespective of the fact that he is known to worship in all manner of churches and all sorts in search of power at any cost.

(c) You may also recall that in 2014, H.E Ambassador Godson Echiegile caused a reconciliatory meeting between Dr. Okowa and myself in your Abuja residence. For these reasons I feel that I should lay these complains before you, man and God.

Your Eminence, recall that everything I told you in that meeting about Dr. Okowa have turned out to be true.

There are legion of issues that are disturbing in the Delta State Government under the leadership of Dr. Okowa. But the most appalling one is that of Hon. Jenkins and the Delta State House of Assembly and Dr. Okowa.

Hon Jenkins Duvie Gwede, Ughelli North 11 constituency replaced Hon Rufus Edoja Akpodiete through a Court judgment in the last Assembly. His entitlements and allowances were not paid him. He through a court ruling garnished the House of Assembly accounts since 2015 as the Governor gave order that the Court Judgment should NOT be respected.

To beat the court ruling and pervert the course of justice, the House subventions are being paid into the Speaker’s personal account, that is Sheriff’s accounts. Only a few weeks ago another private account with the Clerk of the House and the Accountant as signatories was opened for the purpose of receipt of House subventions. This is the order of the Delta State Governor.

If indeed Dr. Okowa is a Christian, how can he allow a fellow human being suffer what Jenkens is now suffering?

Your Eminence, see what Dr. Okowa has turned the Delta State House of Assembly into?

Your Eminence, it may interest you to know that at inception of Okowa’s Government, I went to him that God has given him victory that he should not depend on any human being to assure he is returned to power in 2019. That he should allow his performance be the judge that the people will not disappoint him if he gives the required service. That he should make the difference. Deltans notice that the Governor is only interested in accumulating money with which to buy the General election in 2019.

I have also spoken to him to change his method of leadership but to no avail. Today, Deltans live in abject poverty and Okowa and his family and friends are lavishing the people’s common wealth on themselves in most atrocious manner.

He told the Delta youths that the best thing for them is peasant farming while his children are attending the best schools in the world and working in choice establishments in Nigeria. About two weeks ago his daughter delivered a baby in the United States of America. Dr. Okowa is now on his way to visit mother and child in the United States and he will also use the opportunity and spare time to inspect his Super Ranch in Atlanta Georgia.

As I write this letter the Agbor General Hospital where I was born is in total darkness. No electricity, no generator and Okowa is a Medical Doctor and he allows Medical Doctors to work with candle light. At this time and age Doctors are delivering babies in Agbor with candle light.

Your Eminence, in order to prepare for 2019  general election, Dr. Okowa employed 2203 political appointees at an average emolument of two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250,000) monthly, he spends close to six hundred million (N600,000,000) monthly maintaining these appointees that have no offices, they don’t go to work and they do nothing. Six hundred million could buy generators needed to power all the General Hospitals in Delta for 4 years. How can this man sleep at night? NO CONSCIENCE. Your Eminence, he has no conscience.

Your Eminence, compare this scenario with Dr. Okowa’s advice for youths to engage in peasant farming for a living while he positioned 2203 persons for election violence in 2019.

Why did Okowa send his daughter to deliver her baby in the United States?

Your Eminence, I have decided to write to you because I want to separate this message from politics. I have written to Mr. President but Your Eminence, it is my believe that you can intervene.

Your Eminence, Okowa is really smart but please remind him that power belongs to God. Psalm 62.11. “Power belongs to God”.

Sir, also remind him of 1 Samuel 15.22 “to obey is better than sacrifice and to hearken than the fat of rams”. It is better to serve the people and not misappropriate our common wealth.

Your Eminence, let me also inform you that Dr. Okowa has been running the Government of Delta State without budget for 2 years now. The 2016 and 2017 budget is non existent. Also since his inception into office the DESOPADEC Budget and funds disappeared.

Recently, Dr. Okowa applied for a Chinese loan without the Federal Ministry of Finance approval. According to the Governor, he is to build a new Secretariat with the loan. I do know that the Civil Servants are being owed salaries, pensioners are owed 2 years and Local Government and Primary schools teachers are owed more than 12 months arrears. The Civil Servants are not complaining about their office accommodation and they insist there is no need to demolish what is on ground now.

The only reason for this project is to secure foreign exchange for the Governor’s personal use. To further enhance the estate he is building in South Africa and his Super Ranch in Atlanta Georgia.

Sir, you need to speak out and save Delta State. I pray you to do so and intervene on behalf of the people of Delta State.

As a servant of God, I have listened to you severally speak during homily. The two instances that stand out and encouraged me to write you this letter are: (1) Your homily during the wedding ceremony of Chief Oghiadome’s son in Abuja and (2) Your homily during Barrister Ohen’s funeral service in Boji-Boji Owa Delta State.

Your Eminence, ask Okowa what he has done with close to 1 trillion naira he has received since he came into office through Federal allocation, Loans, Grants, Bailout funds, Paris club refunds and IGR.

Let me bring to your notice Sir, that Asaba, Warri, Sapele, Agbor and other major towns in Delta State are now worse than they have ever been in the course of this Government. Darkness has completely taken over these cities and roads built two months ago have all collapsed. There is no Mega project that Okowa can boast of.

Sir, see what is going on in Lagos and Bayelsa states “Massive infrastructural development”. There is no economic team in Delta State, there is no focus, no policy and no programme. Prosperity for all Deltans has become prosperity for Okowa and family.

Kindly also recall, Your Eminence, that at the meeting in your residence in 2014, I told you how I narrowly escaped death in the hands of assassin and that the matter is still before the force CID, Abuja. Information reaching me is that I and the following persons Dada Ijeh, Isaac Ulebor and Emma Ojemeh have been penciled down for elimination.

I have decided as a Soldier of Truth to be on the side of the people. We are not deterred. I boldly inform you that the instruction to eliminate us was passed to Hilary Ibegbulem and Ifeanyi Eboigbe. Hilary is in charge of recruiting thugs for the Governor and while Ifeanyi Eboigbe pays them.

This serves to notify you and Nigerians that, in the event of death by accident, kidnapping, robbery and armed attack on any of the above persons, Governor Okowa should be held responsible.  

In the month of September a meeting was held in the home of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi in Asaba. Present at the meeting were, Hon. Mrs. Mrakpor, Hon. Victor Nwokolo, Hilary Ibegbulem and Eboigbe. They were mandated to ensure that any place we call a meeting or we go on campaign thugs should be mobilized to disrupt our activities. Recall Your Eminence, that Dr. Okowa did exactly the same when Senator Ali Modu Sheriff visited us in Grand hotel Asaba.

Sir, the Uduaghan’s administration instituted a free maternity service for Deltans, Okowa voided it. His daughter is now in a 5 star Hospital in the United States nursing a baby while Delta women are dying in our dilapidated Hospitals.  

Your Eminence, our Governor spends a lot of precious time attending obituaries. He is happy when people are sad. The people of Delta State call him Governor of obituary and Egho Aria.

I have spoken to our respected Elder Statesman, Chief E. K Clark who promised to take it up with the governor. I have also spoken to our renowned Prof. Sam Oyovbaire who promised to look into the matter but time is of the essence as our women, children and the elderly are dying daily.

Your Eminence, the Bible in Proverbs 22.1 states that “A GOOD name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold”.

Kindly accept the assurances of my highest esteem.

I remain
Truly Yours,

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